Frequently Asked Questions

Will SnapLens fit on my phone? 

Our SnapLens Pro range is compatible with all smartphones and devices however there is limited functionality on devices with a dual rear lens such as the iPhone 7+  iPhone 8+ and iPhone X.

To use the SnapLens Pro Range with the iPhone 7+ (and any other dual rear camera phone), the SnapLens must be clipped around the outer wide-angle lens. The SnapLens will not work when taking pictures that use both lenses at the rear of the device, i.e. "Portrait" mode on the iPhone 7+ iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. 

With the exception of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X and any other device with 2 rear cameras, our magnetic lenses fit all iPhones, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Hauwei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Blackberry, Google phones, iPads, tablets and iPods.

Can I use SnapLens with a case on my phone?
Our SnapLens Pro range can be clipped over the top of your phone case although this may cause slight light leaks. 

For our magnetic range, as long as the case has a big enough opening around the camera for the bottom of the lens to fit in then you can use a case. If the opening is smaller than the lens you can attach the magnetic ring to the case itself, although this may cause slight light leaks and distortion.

How does SnapLens work?
SnapLens is a collection of lenses that sit over the camera lens of your device's inbuilt camera.

The SnapLens magnetic lenses come with 3 (per lens) adhesive circular metal rings. These rings need to be stuck around the device's camera lens so the SnapLens can be magnetically attached in place.

What is included with my purchase?
The SnapLens magnetic lenses come with a protective lens cap, a magnetised lens cover with an attached lanyard, 3 adhesive metal rings, a lens cleaning/storage pouch and an instruction card.

The SnapLens Pro lenses come in a protective case containing the lens, a protective lens cap, universal clip mount, cleaning cloth and electronic instructions for use.

Can the magnetic rings be removed?
Yes, but removing the ring will damage the adhesive. So, if you remove it you will need to replace it with a new ring to ensure safety of the lenses.

Can I order more magnetic rings or clips?
Of course, just email to arrange a delivery.

How big are the lenses?
The lenses range between 1.5cm - 8cm in diameter and .6cm - 5cm tall.

What is the focus range on the SnapLens macro?
You need to get very close to your subject in order to capture the fine details with the SnapLens Macro, between 1cm - 2cm seems to be the ideal range. For the SnapLens Macro Pro Lens between 3 - 5 cm is the ideal range. 

Why is my lens blurry?
Try cleaning both sides of the lens with the pouch or the lens cloth and also check the the lens is centred on the device's camera.

How does the Polarizer work?
Twist the front of the lens with the ring to adjust the light levels entering the camera lens.

Do you offer international shipping?
We currently offer international shipping to New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. If you are based in another overseas country please email and we will arrange a shipping quote for you.

For any other questions please email